DIR Floortime and Parent Coaching

What is DIR? What is Floortime? Do they mean the same thing? 

Under The Growing Brain PH, we use DIR as a framework and approach with all our interactions -- whether it's in our clinic services, virtual learning, or choice of toys on the store. 

The DIR approach to us means that we think about what is developmentally appropriate for a child, respect their individual differences such as likes and dislikes, and help them learn in the context of meaningful relationships. 



The concept of a DIR approach is focusing on the holistic development of children that is neuroscience-informed. Meaning, we promote the development of each child following the sequence of bottom-up and inside-out development of the brain, and we can do this in the context of a meaningful and engaging relationship with people important in their lives. 

Floortime is how we interact with children. It doesn't mean we have to be on the floor (although most kids would probably love this the most!). It is the idea of creating a loving, enriching and fun interaction with children to guide their learning. We put priority on the relationship more than actual objects and toys because neuroscience research has shown that responsive relationships are the foundation of learning in the early years.

The DIR Floortime service aims to coach parents to develop rich interactions with children. It is meant for parents who feel uncertain about their ways of playing, or for parents looking for additional support to interact with their child who may have developmental delays or neurodevelopmental disabilities like autism, Down Syndrome and the like. 

There are so many resources on the internet and books in bookstores of how to parent following milestones, parenting guides and frameworks, teaching methods, etc. but we know that these can get quite overwhelming in figuring out what's the best approach for us. Throw in the additional challenges of a child or a parent who don't feel like they fit these descriptions very well. It can make the world of child development so confusing! 

Parent coaching under the DIR approach will help families understand their unique situations and have an individualized approach to tackling their challenges related to development whether a child is typically developing or has delays. This isn't therapy nor is it a replacement to therapy if that is what our children need; but it is meant to support the parent/caregiver and child dyad in making learning from day-to-day activities, other interventions or even school activities more meaningful and productive. 


DIR Floortime Parent Play Coaching Options: 

Evaluation only with follow-up consultations as needed

Parent Play Coaching Program (held weekly or biweekly) 

Contact us for details 



Dr. Angel Dy is an Expert DIRFloortime® Provider and Training Leader