Baby Rattle Ball

Baby Rattle Ball

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Gross Motor Skills. Infant from birth begin to have an awareness of others and objects. Although the baby's most favorite toy will usually be faces, these colorful and high contrast toys encourage visual exploration, especially during tummy time or for parents to show them when they have face to face play. Roll the ball and let them follow with their eyes, shake for them to turn to the sound, or encourage them to reach out and touch the toy. 

Language. Use the ball to encourage identifying one of the most common and exciting objects for kids -- ball! It can also be a great way to introduce concepts like rolling, different colors, push/pull and more.

Creative Play. The first play skill children engage is what we call sensory play, which uses the different senses -- sight, sounds, taste, touch, smell. That's what makes balls and rattles one of the favorite toys to engage with. They can also use them in other ways as they are growing up, like pushing and pulling, bowling, etc.

Kids will naturally play and think outside the box. Providing them with open-ended toys encourage them to look for different ways to play with it. They can enhance play skills with the toy itself or jointly with other toys, while folding in activities to stimulate language and cognitive skills.  

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Product Details:

  • Approximately 8.3 cm x 8.3 cm
  • 1 ball per box
  • No batteries required


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