Flexible Readers

This article is written by Teacher Steph (Stephanie Myr A. Quiñones-Presto, OTRP, RYT200) of Participation & Learning through Activities and Yoga (PLAY)

Teacher Steph is a licensed occupational therapist, certified yoga teacher and also a certified kids yoga teacher.

Inviting interested families to participate in this one-of-a-kind program.

Flexible Readers is a 4-week online program that will strengthen learning, reading, and school participation skills by introducing books and helping kids through activities that increase literature appreciation, visual-motor integration, creative expression, and flexible thinking.

Using 4 wonderful books of Eric Carle, pediatric occupational therapists Stephanie Myr Quinones and Krishna Quemado will guide young learners  through a month-long reading adventure.

Activities will include the following:

  • yoga postures and breathing exercises aimed at addressing attention, alertness levels, and visual tracking skills;
  • art activities and games to improve note-taking, sequencing and recall;
  • imaginative play sequences to apply concepts of action words, animals, numbers;
  • story time to explore and express thoughts and emotions

Flexible Readers is a multimodal program that follows the suggestions of recent research findings, which emphasizes the importance of developing cognitive focus and emotional regulation. Giving young learners an opportunity to create play schemes, apply themselves successfully, and generalize different motor, language, and cognitive skills are expected to increase their affinity toward reading and learning, expressing themselves confidently, and participating actively at home and in school. 


This class is intended for children ages 5+ with the following prerequisite skills:

  1. Able to imitate
  2. Able to follow verbal commands, pictorial instructions, and demonstration
  3. Early Reading skills

Class schedule: Mondays, 4:30pm / August 16, 23, 30, and September 4 via Zoom
Program fee: P 2,900 inclusive of 4 classes and an activity packet
Link to the sign up form: https://tinyurl.com/FlexibleReaders