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Going public even with this website and social media pages has taken me out of my comfort zone to quite an extreme. However, I've also been so grateful for the community of kindred spirits and wonderful parents that I've met along the way. In support of the learning that we have with each other, it was an inspired decision to activate the Youtube channel of The Growing Brain PH and begin to populate its playlist with our learning session content.Ā 

Visit our channel

It is highly unlikely that you'll find regular video posts on the channel, at least for now.šŸ˜‰ BUT, it will become our repository of reference videos that we can revisit from time to time when the need arises.Ā 

The pioneering video uploaded is a copy of the learning portion of the virtual learning session held last February 20 when we discussed behaviors of infants and toddlers. Enjoy!!!Ā 

Oh... and if you enjoyed the content, I hope you'll considerĀ liking andĀ subscribing! Thank you to the encouraging mommies and daddies who pushed me to take this courageous leap!šŸ˜

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