Teethers, Teething and Learning to chew

Teething is a significant milestone among many that a lot of parents look forward to! However, we know that this can sometimes be difficult and painful also to see our babies in pain and fussy.
Although it isn’t required, teethers have been around for quite awhile to offer to babies for rubbing their gums and safe to chew on to help soothe the irritation or pain.
In addition, there have been some benefit that they also support jaw and mouth muscle strengthening and creating awareness of sensations in the mouth. Because babies are also exploring and begin this by putting things in their mouths, the mouthing, gnawing and even tongue movements create an awareness for the mouth. All of these movements become support for producing sounds and words and strengthening for chewing and eating.
Some feeding experts share that the secret to helping babies learn to chew effectively is by helping them to become more aware of the back molar space where their teeth will eventually erupt. They suggest stick-shaped teethers that reach the molars. However, we must ensure the safe quality and appropriate size for the child. Visit the store for some of these options.  (Chew Grabber P or Chew Tubes)
Uniquely shaped teethers are also helpful for little ones who are at the stage of putting everything in their mouths. These can also soothe the gums. Checkout our Infant Rainbow Silicone Stacker / Teether.

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