Developmental Screening vs Assessment

Hi to our amazing parents! 🌈 Have you ever wondered about the incredible journey of your child's growth and development? 👧🏻🧡 We get a lot of confusion about this topic, especially for families who want to get support as early as possible. Let's dive into the world of developmental screening and assessment to understand how they can benefit your family and your little one!

🔍 Developmental Screening: Think of this like a quick health check for your child's development puzzle! Just like a puzzle piece that needs to fit perfectly, developmental screening checks if your child's milestones match their age. It's like making sure the pieces are falling into place naturally. 🧩✅

🔬 Developmental Assessment: Now, let us zoom in a bit closer! Assessment goes beyond the surface and examines the details of each puzzle piece. It helps identify strengths and areas where your child might need extra support. Imagine this as putting the puzzle pieces under a magnifying glass to see every intricate detail. 🔍📊


Why Does It Matter? 👉🏻 Early detection matters! Screenings help catch any potential concerns early on, ensuring your child gets the best support at the right time. Such as a referral to a developmental behavioral pediatrician, neurologist or early intervention. Whether your child is hitting all the milestones or might need some extra help, these tools guide you on the right path. 🛤️🌱

When to Begin? 📅 Developmental screening can start as early as 9 months old! It's a wonderful way to track your child's progress and identify areas where they shine. No concerns? No worries! Regular screenings are for all kids to celebrate their unique journey. 🌟

💫 Embrace the power of knowledge, parents! Let's celebrate every step of your child's adventure together. Schedule your developmental screening today, and let's create a bright future hand in hand. 🚀💙


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