Division of Responsibility in Feeding

Ellyn Satter is a brilliant nutritionist who introduced the concept of a Division of Responsibility for feeding and eating. Lessen power struggles at mealtimes by sticking to your designated roles.
📌 It's the parent's job to decide when, where and what foods to offer the child. For a very picky eater, you may need to include something they already know to eat while introducing a variety of other foods.
📌 It's the child's job to decide whether or not they want to eat and how much they will eat. Children do want to eat, and this strategy is meant to help them become motivated to want to eat.
It sounds simple, but it can be a struggle to implement. If you're having difficulty or experiencing extreme picky eating, reach out to your pediatricians and other health care professionals. As Filipinos, mealtimes are culturally a time spent and enjoyed together. Let's make mealtimes fun for your family!

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